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What Services do I offer?

Whether you're saying "I do", "I still do", "goodbye", "good riddance" or "welome to the world", I am your go-to fairy cele-mother for creating the perfect ceremony.

Let's make some memories, shall we?



Looking to tie the knot without the need for the same old same old? Well, fear not my lovebirds, because I am here to save the day! I am a licensed love guru and I'm a pro at making your wedding ceremony as romantic and personalised as possible.

Think of me as your very own wedding wingwoman, helping you create the perfect vows, navigating the legal paperwork (who likes paperwork anyway), and keeping the whole ceremony stress-free.


Renewal of Vows

Maybe you've already tied the knot and want to relive that magic feeling all over again? No worries, I can help you renew your vows in a way that's even more romantic and meaningful than the first time around.

Cue all the swooning.

Image by Mayron Oliveira

Funeral or Memorial

When it comes to losing someone there are sometimes no words, there are however, hugs...and I'm like a big warm hug in human form (I've been told I give the best hugs).

I'll help you plan a service that honours the life of your loved one in a way that feels personal and heartfelt. Whether it's in a funeral home or your family home, it will be the perfect reflection and celebration of your loved one's life.

Image by Annie Spratt


It's important to welcome the newest members of the family with a naming or 'welcome to the world' ceremony! I can help you celebrate the little ones in your life with a ceremony that's all about their unique personality and character.

Because let's face it, we all need an excuse to throw a party and eat cake.

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